Money Is Energy® is a concept that came to me over twenty years ago.  I wish to share it with as many people as possible, especially during these challenging times.
It starts simply with the fact that everything is energy.  Matter is just energy that has been slowed down enough for it to take form and to be visible to us.

Any time you have questions I encourage you to ask them so that you will have clarity regarding what I am conveying.  I have found from working with clients that the more I can explain things the more it removes any fear the person has and the freer they become.

Since everything is energy based, once a small amount of negative emotion is removed the greater the person’s freedom in all areas of their life and not just the area where the negative energy was bound.

So please ask away.

Since Money Is Energy, no matter what you may currently think, there is an abundance of money.  It is just a matter of tapping into that energy.  It doesn’t require any special level of intelligence or schooling.

Energy is what you are made of so in a way you can say that you are made of money and be completely accurate.