“Would you like to heal your relationship with money and eliminate debt? Would you like to make sound choices based on positive energy and watch your life and bank account prosper? You can make it happen – I did. I am here to guide you through the lessons.

I want you to learn how money works–how it really works. And how life works–how it really functions, which is not the way everyone has been taught. I want to give you the tools to get out of debt and bring positive aspects and money into your personal and professional life. I want you to prosper and enjoy your life and your money. You will soon understand that Money is Energy®.”

Robert Matthews, CPA

About Robert Matthews:

He is a highly successful Certified Public Accountant with a thriving practice in Beverly Hills, California. For the past twenty years he has worked with some of the top names in the entertainment field. He is also trained healer and a licensed minister and studies Homeopathy.

His background and training give him the ability to combine the two unlikely areas of finance and spirituality. Mr. Matthews is an innovative thinker who is one of the nation’s leading authorities on integrating metaphysics into the nuts and bolts of money management.

Money is Energy®, his upcoming book, outlines his down to earth ideas and introduces practical skills needed to “Heal Your Relationship with Money™”. Whether getting out of debt or making money work energetically to its peak performance at any level.

An approachable and dynamic speaker, Mr. Matthews simple and practical techniques have helped countless individuals get on top of the material world by taking matters into their own hands and hearts.

Robert’s Philosophy

I started my spiritual exploration around 1980 about the same time I decided to open my accounting practice. I have always been open on a spiritual and energetic level, but never really looked beyond the obvious until then.

Albert Einstein said “you can neither create nor destroy energy and matter. Energy and matter can only be transformed from one to the other. ” So, when we move on to the spiritual world, all of the houses, cars, clothes and toys will stay behind.

With that realization, I began to work on myself and to grow into the healthier and improved me. It just felt right to me and it made sense, so I began to examine spirituality and energy and see how life really works.

During my journey, I searched in many directions, opened myself to many beliefs and spent a lot of time on energy and healing. I studied Christianity, Judaism, Kabbalah, Taoism, Buddhism, homeopathy, natural medicine, Western medicine, energetic healing, laying on of hands healing, theories of psychotherapy, body therapy and other interesting areas.

These combined experiences and knowledge led me to enroll and graduate from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in New York. I became a Minister and received the Degree of Doctorate Teachings from the Church of Tzaddi. And for the past seven years I have attended the ESSH School of Homeopathy in Flagstaff, Arizona.

My journey gave me the knowledge and insight to successfully incorporate my healing knowledge into my accounting practice. The lessons I experienced are simple,yet profound and I want to share these lessons with you. My book, Money is Energy® is the story of the lessons I have learned. Be on the lookout for this up and coming publication.

What people say about Robert Matthews

“An accountant with sense and soul ! ”    

Rick Kolbe, Director
Star Trek: Voyager

“He’s the best thing that’s
happened to my financial life.”

Paul Waigner
Executive Producer,
Beverly Hills 90210